The simplicity and functionality has made these blinds popular. They are a great choice, whether for residential or commercial use.  You choose the blind design and color, and we will manufacture it to your unique specification.

Decorative fabrics (Wide variety of textures and colors)

DX fabrics

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Translucent fabrics (Filters the sunshine)

Purescreen fabrics (Fabrics that clean the air)

CS fabrics (Ideal for varying sun control and privacy needs in a single project.  Competitively priced)

DX fabrics (White backing. Ideal for exterior windows that must be neutral in color)

EPT fabrics (Noise Reduction Coefficient.  Ideal for health care areas, call centers and boardrooms)

ELT & EVT fabrics (PVC Free and natural fire retardant)

EZ-900 fabrics (Blackout. Softer to the touch than most blackout fabrics.  Great for bedrooms)

Sheerweave fabrics (Ideal for varying sun control and privacy needs in a single project)

EPT fabrics

Decorative fabrics

ELT fabrics

EZ-900 fabrics

CS fabrics

Purescreen fabrics

A striking NEW window blind!  Works the same way as a roller blind but with the utility of a venetian blind.  You can control the light while maintaining the view. Modern fabrics enable a view or privacy while achieving a soft natural light.

Would you like to add a little luxury to your blinds?  How about adding automation?  You can filter the daylight and privacy in your home at the touch of a button without getting up from your seat!  One touch motorized blinds make luxury affordable!

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